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Do I only need to pass Cisco 300-360 dumps to become CCNP Wireless? The Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (300-360 WIDESIGN) exam is a 90 Minutes (60 – 70 questions) assessment in pass4itsure that is associated with the CCNP Wireless certification. Experiencing authentic latest Cisco WIDESIGN 300-360 dumps pdf for Cisco 300-360 dumps exam video questions assistance free download.

“Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks” is the exam name of Pass4itsure Cisco 300-360 dumps test which designed to help candidates prepare for and pass the Cisco 300-360 exam. The candidates for Cisco https://www.pass4itsure.com/300-360.html dumps are require to be well-trained and technically expert because the Cisco Designing Cisco Wireless Enterprise Networks (WIDESIGN) has designed this exam in a technical manner. Today, the Cisco industry is expanding with the introduction of new technologies and trends.

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300-360 dumps

Latest Pass4itsure Cisco 300-360 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated (December 2017)

Question No : 9 How is a password set on the BlackBerry Device?
A. Options -> Security-> Password -> Device Password
B. Settings-> Security-> Security and Privacy-> Device Password
C. BlackBerry Hub -> Options -> Device Password
D. BlackBerry Hub -> Settings -> Device Password
300-360 exam 
Answer: B
Question No : 10 Which of the following is an essential aid to investigate a problem experienced on a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) smartphone when being reported to BlackBerry?
A. Playbook
B. BlackBerry Device Service (BDS) server name
C. The location of the device
D. The time of occurrence and the device logs
Answer: D
Question No : 11 When a BlackBerry 10 (BB10) device is connected to a computer, the internal storage devices such as the inserted micro SD card are not mounted and mapped to drive letters. What is the most likely cause and how can it be corrected?
A. The host computer has used the drive letters reserved for BlackBerry mapped drives. These drives will need to be moved to allow the BlackBerry drive letters to be assigned to the BB10.
B. The BlackBerry Device Manager is not installed on the host computer and the BB10 will not have the capability to mount the internal storage devices as drive letters. Install the BlackBerry Device Driver and retry the connection.
C. The BlackBerry Mapped Network Device driver is not loaded, the BlackBerry Device Manager requires this driver to map the internal BB10 storage devices to drive letters. Install the required driver from Windows Update and try again.
D. The Wi-Fi radio has been turned off, and this prevents the BB10 from accepting the mapped drive request from the BlackBerry Device Manager. Turn on the Wi-Fi radio and retry the connection.
300-360 dumps 
Answer: B
Question No : 12  What happens when a user activates a Playbook in addition to a smartphone on the BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)?
A. The smartphone stops communication with the server
B. The smartphone has a popup to choose the device to continue communication with the BDS.
C. Both the Playbook and the smartphone will continue to work since the BDS supports multiple devices per user.
D. The devices with the most memory free will stay enabled, and the other devices are disabled from the BDS automatically.
Answer: C
The data de-duplication system checks each block of data to determine whether it is _____________with a block that has already been received. The ______________ blocks are replaced with pointers to their equivalent blocks that are already in storage.
A. combined,combined
B. scaled, scaled
C. redundant,redundant
D. load balanced, load balanced
300-360 pdf 
Answer: C
The cloud architecture that results from the application of the __________________ pattern relies on the _____________mechanism to synchronize cloud storage devices.
A. Synchronized Operating State. resource cluster
B. Redundant Storage, resource replication
C. Zero Downtime, hypervisor
D. Service Load Balancing, failover system
Answer: B
The _____________pattern is applied to dynamically allocate and reclaim physical uplinks, whenever _____________become bottlenecks.
A. Elastic Resource Capacity, virtual firewalls
B. Elastic Disk Provisioning, failed network ports
C. Elastic Resource Capacity, network cards
D. Elastic Network Capacity, virtual switches
300-360 vce Answer: D
In a cloud architecture resulting from the application of the Cloud Bursting compound pattern, the _________________ mechanism is used to maintain synchronizing between a cloud consumer’s on-premise and cloud-based IT resources.
A. hypervisor
B. resource pooling
C. automated scaling listener
D. resource replication
Answer: D
The Automated Administration pattern can be applied together with the Elastic Resource Capacity pattern, so that a hypervisor can be initiated by _____________to allocate more resources for a virtual server.
A. a watchdog monitor
B. a pay-per-use monitor
C. an intelligent automation engine script
D. an automatic scaling listener
300-360 exam 
Answer: C
The Intra-Storage Device Vertical Tiering pattern is applied to resolve issues caused by:
A. Multiple cloud storage devices that need to vertically scale at the same time
B. Cloud consumers that are limited to using one cloud storage device to store multiple applications and services
C. Different disktypesacross redundant cloud storage devices that use different storage methods
D. Cloud consumers that have cloud storage devices in different geographical regions that need to be combined
Answer: B
The system resulting from the application of the Direct LUN Access pattern allows virtual servers to see LUN5 as directly accessible file-based storage.
A. True
B. False
300-360 dumps 
Answer: B
The cloud architecture that is established by the application of the Storage Workload Management pattern can rely on the storage capacity monitor to: (Choose Two)
A. notify the storage capacity system whenever a cloud storage device is being over-utilized
B. migrate LUN5 to different cloud storage devices
C. detect when the workload of a cloud storage device has reached a pre-defined threshold
D. act as an external interlace to a cloud storage service
Answer: A,C
Question No : 21 Where can saved VPN Profiles be located on the BlackBerry Smartphone?
A. Options, Security. VPN
B. Settings. Network Settings. VPN
C. Options. Wi-Fi. VPN
D. Settings. VPN
300-360 pdf 
Answer: B
Question No : 22 What is the name of the Blackberry desktop client for BlackBerry 10 (BB10)?
A. Device Manager
B. WebDesktop
C. BlackBerry Link
D. BlackBerry Desktop Manager for BB10
Answer: C
Question No : 23 A user is experiencing difficulty activating a second device using BlackBerry® Web Desktop Manager. What should be checked in BlackBerry Administration Console to ensure a second device can be activated?
A. License limit
B. BlackBerry Controller
C. Email profile
D. Enterprise Proxy
300-360 vce 
Answer: A
Question No : 25 If the owner wishes to continue without signing into or creating a BlackBerry ID when first using a BlackBerry smartphone, what limitations or actions will be encountered?
A. The out of box experience will not complete and the BlackBerry smartphone will remain on the BlackBerry ID screen and persist through device restarts as a valid ID is required to use the BlackBerry smartphone.
B. The BlackBerry smartphone will restart and present the out of box experience from the initial Welcome to BlackBerry screen if an attempt is made to bypass the screen by swiping left.
C. The out of box experience can be completed, but access to BlackBerry apps and services such as downloading applications from BlackBerry App World and setting up BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) will not be available until a BlackBerry ID is associated to the
BlackBerry smartphone.
D. The out of box experience will complete and access to BlackBerry services will be blocked until a security wipe is performed and a BlackBerry ID is associated to the smartphone during the subsequent out of box experience.
300-360 exam 
Answer: C
Question No : 26 What are the two perimeters set when a smartphone/Tablet is activated on a BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)?
A. Enterprise and Home
B. Work and Personal
C. Server and Personal
D. Work and Home
Answer: B
Question No : 27  A user who does not have Roaming services would like to get data while travelling at no cost. What service needs to be enabled to access Hot Spots?
A. Bluetooth
B. Cellular connection
C. International Roaming
D. Wi-Fi
300-360 dumps Answer: D
Question No : 28 Where can ‘new email’ notifications be configured?
A. Settings -> Notification -> Messages
B. Options -> Notification -> Messages
C. BlackBerry Hub -> Notifications -> Messages
D. BlackBerry Hub -> Advanced -> Notifications -> Messages
Answer: A
Question No : 29 What constitutes use of a license seat on a BlackBerry Device Service (BDS)?
A. A user
B. Active user
C. Active devices
D. Active user and devices
300-360 pdf Answer: C
Question No : 30 A user reports that their Email account is reporting an error that states “Your Device is not connected to a network “. What is the cause?
A. Bluetooth radio is not connected to the wireless network
B. Wireless carrier data is not connected
C. Wi-Fi radio is enabled
D. NFC is connected to external device
Answer: B
Question No : 31 Email automatically moved to a subfolder in the mailbox, from an account integrated using Active Sync, is not seen in the Hub. Which of the options below best describes the process to ensure folder sync has been configured?
A. While in BlackBerry Hub, select Option pane (3 seashells, dots), navigate to Settings, Email Account Preferences, and select the integrated Active Sync account, select Folder Settings and verify or select the subfolders for synchronization.
B. Pull down top panel with a downward bezel swipe, select Settings, Accounts and select the integrated Active Sync account, select Edit Folder Settings.
C. Open the Setup application from the home screen, select Accounts, select Set Defaults and select the integrated Active Sync account, open Folder Synchronization and verify or select the desired subfolders.
D. While in the BlackBerry Hub, open the Options panel, select Inbox Management, open the integrated Active Sync account and select Edit Folder Settings and verify or select the desired subfolders.
300-360 vce Answer: B
Question No : 32  Which of the following resources would enable a user who has lost a device to ensure that their contact information is displayed on their BlackBerry?
A. BlackBerry Protect
B. BlackBerry Lost and Found
C. App World
D. BlackBerry Help
Answer: A
Question No : 33
A user reports getting a 403 error while trying to configure their e-mail account. What is the most likely cause?
A. The user is not provisioned for data services.
B. The user* s password has been mistyped.
C. ActiveSync is currently off-line.
D. ActiveSync is not configured with Autodiscover.
300-360 exam Answer: C

300-360 dumps
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