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Exam Code: 70-534
Exam Name: Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions
Q&As: 249

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70-534 dumps

Latest Pass4itsure Microsoft 70-534 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated (November 2017)

You are running a Linux guest in Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). You must run a daily maintenance task. The maintenance task requires native BASH commands. You need to configure Azure Automation to perform this task. Which three actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Create an automation account.
B. Create an Orchestrator runbook.
C. Create an asset credential.
D. Run the Invoke-Workflow Azure PowerShell cmdlet.
E. Import the SSH PowerShell Module.
70-534 exam Correct Answer: ACE
You are designing an Azure web application. All users must authenticate by using Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) credentials. You need to recommend an approach to enable single sign-on to the application for domain-authenticated users. Which
two actions should you recommend? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Use Forms authentication to generate claims.
B. Use the SQL membership provider in the web application.
C. Use Windows Identity Foundation in the web application.
D. Use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) to generate claims.
Correct Answer: C
A company uses Azure for several virtual machine (VM) and website workloads. The company plans to assign administrative roles to a specific group of users. You have a resource group named GROUP1 and a virtual machine named VM2. The users have the following responsibilities:

70-534 dumps

You need to assign the appropriate level of privileges to each of the administrators by using the principle of least privilege. What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate target objects and permission levels in the answer
Hot Area:
70-534 dumps

Which of the following interfaces found on an RFS4000 or RFS6000 Controller can be used to supply Power over Ethernet to directly attached APs?
A. Gigabyte Ethernet (GE)
B. Uplink (UP)
C. Management Ethernet (ME)
D. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
E. Express
Answer: A
Which of the following interfaces are recommended to connect an RFS4000 or RFS6000 to the local network?
A. Management Ethernet (ME)
B. Gigabyte Ethernet (GE)
C. Uplink (UP)
D. Universal Serial Bus (USB)
E. Express
70-534 dumps Answer: C
In which of the following modes does an RFS controller using WiNG 5 operate (select TWO)?
A. Hub mode
B. Bridge mode
C. Switch mode
D. Router mode
E. Repeater mode
F. Controller mode
Answer: B, D
You are deploying a WiNG 5 system and need to visualize Layer 1 activity only. Which of the following tools would allow you to do this?
A. Protocol Analyzer
B. Spectrum Analyzer
C. WLAN Discovery tool
D. Predictive Site Survey tool
E. Manual Site Survey tool
70-534 pdf Answer: B
You are monitoring a wireless client on a WLAN and are using a 2.4GHz radio to capture a wireless trace. When using the sniffer-redirect option on Motorola AP without off-channel scanning, how many simultaneous 20Mhz channels can be redirected by the AP?
A. 1
B. 3
C. 6
D. 11
Answer: A
Which of the following terms are used to describe Motorola AP-650s (select TWO)?
A. FatAP
B. DependentAP
C. Non-Site survivable AP
D. Site Survivable AP
E. Independent AP
70-534 vce Answer: B, C
When mounting an antenna on a metal wall, what special considerations do you have to take into account regarding RF propagation (select TWO)?

A. Length of antenna cable
B. The type of antenna to be used
C. Type of screws to be used
D. The distance the antenna is from the wall
E. Mounting height of the antenna
Answer: D, E
Which of the following is the single biggest security vulnerability evident in the image below?
A. Use of no security on Visitor VLAN
B. Use of Pre-Shared Key on several WLANs
C. Use of Wired Equivalent Privacy on WLAN1g
D. Use of Temporal Key Integrity Protocol on WLAN1a
E. Use of Netgear and Motorola APs on the same RF bands
F. Use of Counter Mode with Cipher Block Chaining Message Authentication Code Protocol on several WLANs
70-534 exam Answer: C
You have configured Radio 2 (5 GHz) of an AP-650 to use 802.11n 20/40 MHz channels. Under the WLAN configuration settings you have selected WPA/WPA2- TKIP using a PSK. To test the connection you associate an 802.lln client laptop device but notice that the connection speed between the two 802.11n devices is limited to 54 Mbps. See Exhibit: B.3.2.06 at the bottom. Which of the following is the most likely reason for this condition?

A. PSK is limited to 54 Mbps.
B. 802.11 Protection Mechanisms are in effect.
C. WPA/WPA2-TKIP encryption is limited to 54 Mbps.
D. Channels in the 5 GHz band are limited to 802.11a rates of 54 Mbps.
E. More wireless client devices are using 802.11a than are using 802.lln tipping the
AP into legacy compatibility mode.
Answer: C
Wi-Fi radios can generally operate in the presence of transmissions from neighboring radios, as long as the neighboring signal strengths are at -85 dBm or lower. In Exhibit 3.3.10 shown below, ESSIDs Tin, Silver, Chrome, and Visitors are virtual APs assigned to a single Motorola AP-650 radio. Which of the neighboring ESSIDs are most likely to cause co-channel interference to this AP?

A. Moto
B. 3AN1
D. beaglemama
E. Hidden SSID (MAC = 00:1C:F0:FA:65:94)
70-534 dumps Answer: B, D
You are trouble shooting a WiNG 5 deployment for a large customer that was configured with 3 separate WLANS on the RFS controller. Each of the WLANs were designated for three different departments (Finance, Human Resources, and Warehouse users). The customer is complaining that users from certain department are incorrectly attaining access to resources from other departments. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason this is happening?
A. No VLAN segmentation on the wired network
B. The layer 3 VLAN option has not been configured properly
C. WLAN segmentation has not been enabled on your RFS controller
D. VPN tunnel has not been established between the RFS controller and the core
Answer: A

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