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Which two options should a Citrix Administrator configure to stop the First-Time wizard from automatically popping up?
(Choose two.)
A. Host Name is NOT configured on the appliance.
B. The Default Admin Password has NOT been changed.
C. Licenses are NOT present on the appliance.
D. The appliance is configured with the default IP address (
Correct Answer: CD

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is performing a disaster recovery test and decided to fail over the Citrix ADC high
availability (HA) pair appliances. The administrator noticed that the failover is NOT working as expected in item text, and
the Secondary Citrix ADC is NOT taking over as Primary. The administrator suspects that networking issues may be
causing the failure.
What could be the cause of this issue with the Citrix ADCs?
A. HA hertbeats are only seen on some enabled interfaces of the Secondary Node.
B. HA monitoring is enabled on an interface of the Secondary Node that shows as ENABLED, DOWN.
C. The Independent network configuration (INC) mode is enabled on the Primary Node.
D. HA monitoring is enabled on a disabled inteface of the Primary Node.
Correct Answer: D

What two options are limitations of a typical Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) setup? (Choose two.)
A. An administrator CANNOT define a backup for a backup Vserver in an active standby GSLB setup for a given GSLB
B. Apply spillover policies on a subset of GSLB services and the user CANNOT have a backup for a subset of GSLB
C. Restrict the selection of a GSLB service from a subset of GSLB services bound to a GSLB virtual server for the given
D. Any given GSLB Vserver can load-balance only one FQDN.
Correct Answer: BC

Which Citrix ADC hardware or software platform offers a Multi-Tenant solution?
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator manages a Citrix Gateway with a Standard Platform License, with remote employees in
the environment. The administrator wants to increase employee access by 300 users through the Citrix Gateway, using
VPN access.
Which license should the administrator recommend purchasing for this environment?
A. Citrix ADC Burst Packs License
B. Citrix ADC Upgrade License
C. Citrix Gateway Universal License
D. Citrix Gateway Express License
Correct Answer: C

Which feature can a Citrix Administrator use to create a consistent set of front-end SSL parameters across multiple SSL
virtual servers?
A. SSL Profile
B. SSL Bridge
C. SSL Offload
D. SSL Policy
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has deployed machines using Machine Creation Services (MCS). A user logs on to a
desktop from a random/non-persistent pool of Windows 10 desktops. During the session, the user installs Microsoft
Office 2016.
To which disk is the Microsoft Office installation data written during the session?
A. Differencing
B. Identity
C. Temporary
D. Personal
Correct Answer: A

After creating a new machine catalog using the Machine Creation Services (MCS) wizard in Citrix Studio, a Citrix
Administrator determines that Windows activation fails for all new machines in that catalog. Which two conditions can
cause this to happen? (Choose two.)
A. The base image rearm count has been exceeded.
B. The Microsoft License Server is unreachable.
C. The version of Windows installed uses Multiple Activation Key (MAK) licensing.
D. The version of Windows installed is Windows Server 2012 R2.
Correct Answer: BC

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator has configured a Citrix ADC active-passive high availability (HA) pair. When the HA pair
fails over, customers are unable to access the hosted websites. After some troubleshooting, the administrator found that
the upstream router was NOT updating its ARP table.
What can the administrator configure to resolve this issue?
A. Virtual MAC
B. Independent Network Configuration (INC) mode
C. Route Monitor
D. HA monitor
Correct Answer: A

Which three methods can a Citrix Administrator choose from when creating a Featured App Group for a set of
applications? (Choose three.)
A. Application names
B. Installed locally
C. Keyword
D. Application category
E. Delivery Group
Correct Answer: ACD
You can create product featured app groups for your end users that are related to or fit in a specific category. For
example, you can create a Sales Department featured app group containing applications that are used by that
department. You can define featured apps in the StoreFront administration console by using application names or by
using keywords or application categories that were defined in the Studio console.

Which scenario will cause automatic high availability (HA) synchronization to fail?
A. Manually forced synchronization
B. A configuration change to the primary Citrix ADC
C. Different build versions
D. A force failover
Correct Answer: C

Which component can optionally be hosted in Citrix Cloud or in a customer-controlled resource location, when using the
Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service?
A. Citrix License Server
B. Citrix Gateway
C. Site database
D. Virtual Delivery Agent (VDA) machines
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is working on a published application. The network connection remains active for 240
seconds but is interrupted and applications become unusable. The session then prompts for authentication. After the
administrator successfully authenticates, the session is reconnected.
Which policy makes this possible?
A. Load Management
B. Auto Client Reconnect
C. Session Reliability
D. ICA Keep Alive
Correct Answer: B

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