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Exam name: Certified Ethical Hacker Exam (C|EH v10)
Last Update: Sep 17, 2020
Questions: 747
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TCP/IP stack fingerprinting is the passive collection of configuration attributes from a remote device during standard
layer 4 network communications. Which of the following tools can be used for passive OS fingerprinting?
A. nmap
B. ping
C. tracert
D. tcpdump
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library? This weakness
allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the
A. Heartbleed Bug
C. SSL/TLS Renegotiation Vulnerability D. Shellshock
Correct Answer: A

Under what conditions does a secondary name server request a zone transfer from a primary name server?
A. When a primary SOA is higher that a secondary SOA
B. When a secondary SOA is higher that a primary SOA
C. When a primary name server has had its service restarted
D. When a secondary name server has had its service restarted
E. When the TTL falls to zero
Correct Answer: A

A network administrator received an administrative alert at 3:00 a.m. from the intrusion detection system. The alert was
generated because a large number of packets were coming into the network over ports 20 and 21. During analysis, there were no signs of attack on the FTP servers. How should the administrator classify this situation?
A. True negatives
B. False negatives
C. True positives
D. False positives
Correct Answer: D

Which of these is capable of searching for and locating rogue access points?
Correct Answer: C

During a security audit of IT processes, an IS auditor found that there were no documented security procedures. What
should the IS auditor do?
A. Identify and evaluate existing practices
B. Create a procedures document
C. Conduct compliance testing
D. Terminate the audit
Correct Answer: A
The auditor should first evaluate existing policies and practices to identify problem areas and opportunities.

What is the name of the international standard that establishes a baseline level of confidence in the security functionality
of IT products by providing a set of requirements for evaluation?
A. Blue Book
B. ISO 26029
C. Common Criteria
D. The Wassenaar Agreement
Correct Answer: C

An engineer is learning to write exploits in C++ and is using the exploit tool Backtrack. The engineer wants to compile
the newest C++ exploit and name it calc.exe. Which command would the engineer use to accomplish this?
A. g++ hackersExploit.cpp -o calc.exe
B. g++ -o calc.exe
C. g++ -i -o calc.exe
D. g++ –compile
Correct Answer: A

As a Certified Ethical Hacker, you were contracted by a private firm to conduct an external security assessment through
penetration testing.
What document describes the specifics of the testing, the associated violations, and essentially protects both the
organization\\’s interest and your liabilities as a tester?
A. Terms of Engagement
B. Project Scope
C. Non-Disclosure Agreement
D. Service Level Agreement
Correct Answer: A

A server has been infected by a certain type of Trojan. The hacker intended to utilize it to send and host junk mails.
What type of Trojan did the hacker use?
A. Turtle Trojans
B. Ransomware Trojans
C. Botnet Trojan
D. Banking Trojans
Correct Answer: C

An NMAP scan of a server shows port 25 is open. What risk could this pose?
A. Open printer sharing
B. Web portal data leak
C. Clear text authentication
D. Active mail relay
Correct Answer: D

Identify the UDP port that Network Time Protocol (NTP) uses as its primary means of communication?
A. 123
B. 161
C. 69
D. 113
Correct Answer: A

During the process of encryption and decryption, what keys are shared?
During the process of encryption and decryption, what keys are shared?
A. Private keys
B. User passwords
C. Public keys
D. Public and private keys
Correct Answer: C

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