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Exam Code: 70-764
Exam Name: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure (beta)
Updated: Sep 08, 2017
Q&As: 112

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70-764 dumps

Latest Pass4itsure Microsoft 70-764 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated (September 2017)

1. According to TOGAF, which of the following are the architecture domains that are commonly accepted
subsets of an overall enterprise architecture?
A. Application, Business, Data, Technology
B. Capability, Segment, Strategic
C. Context, Definition, Governance, Transformation
D. Definition, Realization, Transition, Vision

70-764 exam Answer: A
2. In TOGAF, what is the difference between an artifact and a deliverable?
A. An artifact will contain one or more deliverables
B. Artifacts and deliverables are synonymous; there is no difference between them
C. Deliverables are prepared by the Project Manager, whereas artifacts are defined by the Architect
D. Deliverables are reusable, whereas artifacts are unique to a given architecture project
E. Deliverables are specified as contractual outputs from a project, whereas artifacts are not
Answer: E
3. Which one of the following describes the main components within the TOGAF Architecture Repository?
A. Organizational Metamodel, Architecture Capability, Architecture Landscape, Best Practices, Reference
Library, Compliance Strategy
B. Architecture Metamodel, Organizational Capability Model, Application Landscape, SIB, Reference
Library, Governance Model
C. Business Metamodel, Architecture Capability, Architecture Landscape, SIB, Reference Library,
Governance Log
D. Architecture Metamodel, Architecture Capability, Architecture Landscape, SIB, Reference Library,
Governance Log
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Answer: D
4. If a technique is referenced by processes categorized as TOGAF Core and TOGAF Mandated in the
Document Categorization Model, then in which category should it be placed?
A. TOGAF Extension

B. TOGAF Guidelines and Techniques
C. TOGAF Recommended
D. TOGAF Supporting
Answer: C
5. Which of the following reasons best describes why the ADM numbering scheme for versioning output is
an example and not mandatory?
A. To enable use with the Architecture Content Framework
B. To permit adaptation as required
C. To show the evolution of deliverables
D. To support change management
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Answer: B
6.Which of the following describe the functions of a scheduling algorithm? (Choose 4)
A. Reduce the total amount of computation necessary to complete a job.
B. Allow short Jobs to complete even when large, long jobs (consuming a lot of resources) arerunning.
C. Support the implementation of service-level agreements for multiple cluster users.
D. Allow multiple users to share clustersina predictable, policy-guided manner.
E. Run jobs at periodic times of the day.
F. Reduce job latencies in an environment withmultiple jobs of different sizes.
Answer: A,D,E,F
7.You are running a Hadoop cluster with all monitoring facilities properly configured. Which scenario will
go undetected.?
A. Map or reduce tasks that are stuck in an infinite loop.
B. HDFS is almost full.
C. The NameNode goes down.
D. A DataNode is disconnectedfrom the cluster.
E. MapReduce jobs that are causing excessive memory swaps.
70-764 vce 
Answer: C
8.Which of the following scenarios makes HDFS unavailable?
A. JobTracker failure
B. TaskTracker failure
C. DataNode failure
D. NameNode failure
E. Secondary NameNode failure
Answer: A
9.The Switch 7700 or Switch 8800 can be used as the primary authentication service
or as a backup if the RADIUS server group is unavailable.
A. True

70-764 exam Answer: A
10.Which four are Switching Fabric features/Functions on the Switch 8800? (Choose
A. Each Switch Fabric has a data channel to every module B.
Supports a hot-swappable, load-balancing Switch Fabric. C.
There is a data channel between the two Switch Fabrics.
D. Each Switch Fabric has a management channel to every module
E. Supports a hot-standby, hot-swappable redundant Switch Fabric
F. The master Switch Fabric is always set to slot #1 unless the fabric in slot #1 fails
G. The master Switch Fabric provides route calculation and management for the entire
Answer: A,B,C,E
11.What is the maximum number of Linux Aggregation load-balancing groups
supported on the Switch 7700?
A. 4 groups B.
13 groups C.
24 groups D.
64 groups E.
128 groups
70-764 dumps Answer: D
14.Which three are Quality of Service (QoS) features/functions on the Switch 8800?
(Choose three)
A. Has eight output queues per port
B. Supports Differentiated Services (DiffServ)prioritization
C. Uses a Randam Early Detection (RED) queue prioritization
D. Uses a Weihted Random Early Detection (WRED) queue prioritization
E. Can configure the priority queues “globally” across all I/O interfaces on a switch
F. Uses Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) to allocate bandwidth for high-priority
Answer: A,B,D
15.Which two rules must be followed when configuring Link Aggregation groups on
the Switch 7700 1000BASE-T and 1000BASE-X modules? (Chosse two)

A. The Linux Aggregation group can start on any port.
B. All the ports in a Link Aggregation group must be consecutive
C. A single Link Aggregation group can span multiple Interface Modules
D. A maximum of eight ports can belong to a single Link Aggregation group
E. A maximum of twelve ports can belong to a single Link Aggregation roup
70-764 pdf Answer: A,B
Which three Ethernet modes are supported on the Switch 7700 8-port
1000BASE-T(3c16859)Interface Module? (Choose three)
A. 10 Mbps in full duplex only
B. 10 Mbps in half/full duplex mode
C. 100 Mbps in full duplex mode only
D. 100 Mbps in half/full duplex mode E.
1000 Mbps in full duplex mode only F.
1000 Mbps in half/full duplex mode
Answer: B,D,E
17.Which two are functions of Switch 40×0 Family Multinetting? (Choose two)
A. Automatically assigns multiple VLANs on each router interface
B. Floods traffic from different subnets on the same broadcast domain
C. Enables configuration of multiple router interfaces for each VLan/broadcast domain
D. Enables multiple VLANs/broadcast domains to be configured for each router interface
70-764 exam Answer: B,C
18.What is the benefit of using the Switch 40×0 Family’s Spanning Tree Ignore/Disable
A. Prevents disassociation of Layer 2 traffic from Layer 3 traffic.
B. Enables use of a routing protocol at Layer 2 to make forwarding decisions
C. Enables use of spanning Tree Protocol (STP) at Layer 3 to prevent loops in the
D. Supports use of routing paths at Layer 3, while Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
manages Layer 2 switched links
Answer: D
19.Which three are security-design features that can be employed in enterprise
networks to improve security? (Choose three)
A. Enable IEEE 802 d link aggregation
B. Turn off IGMP snooping on all access-layer switches

C. Provide security for active devices using local or RADIUS authentication
D. Support IEEE 802.1X Network Login for authentication and authorization
E. Provide separate VLANs for management and wireless users with a VLAN-centric
F. Employee TCP Windowing and or IEEE802.3X Flow Control to minimize effects of
network attacks
70-764 dumps Answer: C,D,E
20.Which three are key requirements for the Access Layer (edge) of the network?
(Choose three)
A. Multilayer traffic prioritization
B. Multiple priority queues per port
C. Hardware-based Access Control List (ACLs)
D. Rate limiting and remarking for outgoing traffic.
E. MAC address authorization or IEEE 802.1X Network Login
F. Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) bandwidth allocation
Answer: A,B,E
21.Which three are true statements regarding 10 Gigabit technology and/or 3Com
products? (Choose three)
A. The 3 Com XFP 10G Fiber Transceivers use LC connects
B. IEEE 802.3X defines the 10GBASE-CX4 standard for Twin axial
C. 3Com supports 10G interface Modules for both the Switch 7700 and Switch 8800
D. The 10GBASE-T standard requires four-pair Category 5 or two-pair Category 6 UTP
70-764 pdf Answer: A,B,C

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