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McAfee Product Specialist MA0-103 Dumps

McAfee Product Specialist MA0-103 Dumps

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McAfee Product Specialist MA0-103 Exam Practice Test 1-13

What rule prevents unauthorized executables and potential malware from running directly from Removable Storage
A. Removable Storage Protection Rule
B. Removable Storage File Access Rule
C. Removable Storage Device Rule
D. Removable Storage File Block Rule
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is critical for troubleshooting system health?
A. System log
B. Administrator log
C. Agent log
D. Policy analyzer
Correct Answer: A

The DLP agent status dashboard monitor displays “no data found”. Which server task should be reviewed?
A. DLP incident tasks runner
B. DLP MA properties reporting task
C. DLP policy push task
D. DLP dashboard status task
Correct Answer: B

What rule is used to monitor protected file transfer to network shares?
A. Network Communication Protection Rule
B. Network Share Protection Rule
C. File System Protection Rule
D. File System Discovery Rule
Correct Answer: C

How can different modules within the DLP agent configuration be enabled?
A. Use the miscellaneous section
B. Use the advanced configuration section
C. Use the application modules section
D. Use the user interface service section
Correct Answer: A

An organization wants to prevent sensitive data from being uploaded to unauthorized websites. Which of the following
types of protection rule can the DLP Endpoint administrator configure to meet this requirement?
A. File System Protection Rule
B. Cloud Protection Rule
C. Application Protection Rule
D. Web Post Protection Rule
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a potential indicator of an issue with the DLP Endpoint client?
A. Multiple FCAGTE processes are present in the Task Manager
B. Multiple FCAG processes are present in the Task Manager
C. FCAGSD process is present in the Task Manager
D. FCAGTE is running as a user instead of the System account in the Task Manager
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following is NOT a DLPe incident task?
A. Mail notification task
B. Purge task
C. Set reviewer task
D. Purge client task
Correct Answer: D

An organization is concerned that employees are using their personal web based email accounts to conduct work on
internal documents after hours. Which of the following can the DLP Endpoint Administrator configure to mitigate this
A. Web Post Protection Rule
B. Email Protection Rule
C. Cloud Protection Rule
D. File System Protection Rule
Correct Answer: A

How can DLP be used to prohibit users from sending confidential files to partners?
A. Create a partner list definition and add to applicable protection rules
B. Create a partner list and apply to device control C, Use protection rules to stop copying of confidential files
C. Prevent confidential files from being used
Correct Answer: A

What must be deployed to all target computers before an endpoint policy can be distributed?
A. A Policy Analyzer
B. A DLP global policy
C. The McAfee DLPe extension
D. A supported version of McAfee Agent
Correct Answer: D

Applications in which of the following groups will NOT have their Disk Activity scanned for sensitive data?
A. Editor
B. Archiver
C. Installer
D. Trusted
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following protects the DLP Endpoint client from malicious interferences?
A. Agent Watchdogs Only
B. VirusScan Enterprise
C. Host Intrusion Prevention System
D. Data Access Protection module and Agent Watchdogs
Correct Answer: D

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