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How to win with Cisco 300-165 dumps?”Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure” is the name of Cisco 300-165 exam dumps which covers all the knowledge points of the real Cisco exam. Up to date Cisco 300-165 dumps DCII exam questions and answers in Cisco’s Data Center Online. Pass4itsure Cisco 300-165 dumps exam questions answers are updated (187 Q&As) are verified by experts.

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Exam Code: 300-165
Exam Name: Implementing Cisco Data Center Infrastructure
Q&As: 187

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Cisco 300-165 Dumps Exam Objectives:

  • Describe and differentiate Data Networking
  • Describe and differentiate Implement Data Center Protocols
  • Describe and differentiate Implement Routing and Switching Protocols
  • Explain the concepts of high availability

300-165 dumps

Latest Pass4itsure Cisco 300-165 Dumps Exam Questions and Answers Updated (November 2017)

When creating a parameter in Crystal Reports, when is the edit mask option available?
A. For a parameter that uses a dynamic prompt and requires a string value.
B. For any type of parameter that uses a static prompt.
C. For any type of parameter that uses a dynamic prompt.
D. For a parameter that uses a static prompt and requires a string value.
300-165 exam Answer: D
A report requires a pie chart that enables users to drill down on each slice to see the underlyingdetails. Which type of chart layout should you select on the Data tab of the Chart Expert in order to support the report’s requirements?
A. Group
C. Cross-Tab
D. Detail
Answer: A
Which operator can you use in Crystal syntax to comment out a piece of code?
A. Comment (‘)
B. Comment (//)
C. Comment (Rem)
D. Comment (#)
300-165 dumps Answer: B
Which formula can you use in a record selection to include all dates 30 days from the date the report is refreshed?
A. {Orders.Order Date} in Prev30Days
B. {Orders.Order Date} in NextMonth
C. {Orders.Order Date} in NextPeriod
D. {Orders.Order Date} in Next30Days
Answer: D
How can you change a field’s position?
A. Select the Size and Position option in the Report menu.
B. Select the Location option in the Format menu.
C. Right-click the field and choose the Size and Position option.
D. Right-click the field and choose the Location option.
300-165 pdf Answer: C
You need to create a formula that extracts the area code from each customer’s telephone number and displays the region based on the area code. Phone numbers are stored in a text field in the form 555-555-5555. Which formula will meet the stated requirements?
A. Local stringVar sCode := {Customer.Phone} [1 to 3]; IF sCode in [“604”, “250”] THEN “BC” ELSE IF sCode in [“415”, “714”,”310″,”661″] THEN “CA”;
B. Shared stringVar sCode := {Customer.Phone} [1 to 3]; IF aCode in [“604”, “250”] THEN “BC” ELSE IF aCode in [“415”, “714”,”310″,”661″] THEN “CA”;
C. stringVar sCode := {Customer.Phone} [1 to 3]; IF sCode in [“604”, “250”] THEN “BC” ELSE IF sCode in [“415”, “714”,”310″,”661″] THEN “CA”;
D. Global numberVar sCode := {Customer.Phone} [1 to 3]; IF sCode in [“604”, “250”] THEN “BC” ELSE IF sCode in [“415”, “714”,”310″,”661″] THEN “CA”;
Answer: A
You create a new Crystal report and add an alert. After refreshing the report the alert is triggered. New data that meets the alert condition is added to the database, but the alert is not triggered again. Why is the alert NOT triggered?
A. The AlertMessage flag is set to “False.”
B. Once an alert is triggered, it is not evaluated again until the report is refreshed.
C. The alert condition must be refreshed after the alert is triggered.
D. Alerts are only triggered once per report.
300-165 vce Answer: B
Which three methods can you use to access the Global Formula Search? (Choose three.)
A. In the Preview Pane, right click on the field.
B. In the Formula Editor, right click on the field.
C. In the Preview Pane, select the field and press Alt-D.
D. In the Formula Editor, select the field and press Alt-D.
Answer: A, B, D
You are designing a Crystal report that contains a chart. Your chart must contain one “On change of” value and one “Show” value. Which three chart types can you use? (Choose three.)
A. Stock
B. Pie
C. Funnel
D. Radar
300-165 exam Answer: B, C, D
Which three options can you use to export a Crystal report to a file type that maintains conditional formatting? (Choose three.)
A. Rich Text Format

B. MS Excel 97-2003
C. Acrobat Format (PDF)
Answer: A, B, C
You are using a parameter to highlight sections in a Crystal Reports 2008 report. What will happen if you run the report with a different parameter value?
A. A database refresh will occur.
B. The report will produce an error.
C. The report refreshes from saved data.
D. A database logon prompt will appear.
300-165 dumps Answer: C
You create a new Crystal report using a dynamic cascading parameter. You want to use all available values in the parameter prompt without selecting each value individually. How can you achieve the required result?
A. Create an “All values” item using a shared variable then reference this item in the record selection formula.
B. Create an “All values” item in a command object then reference this item in the record selection formula.
C. Create an “All values” item using the All command then reference this item in the record selection formula.
D. Create an “All values” item using an argument then reference this item in the record selection formula.
Answer: B
You specify the “read-only” option on the Common tab of the Section Expert. Which action can a user perform on objects in that section when editing the report?
A. Move
B. Copy

C. Format
D. Delete
300-165 pdf Answer: B
You create a new dynamic cascading parameter using an existing prompt group in a report. You receive an “Unable to save the parameter” error message trying to save the parameter. Why does this happen?
A. The Prompt Group Text is not conditionally formatted.
B. The Value names within the dynamic cascading parameter are duplicated elsewhere in the report.
C. The Description field is empty.
D. The prompt group already has parameters bound to each level.
Answer: D
You design a Summary report with the Suppress option selected instead of the Hide option. Which two types of information will be displayed when you double-click a summary figure on the report?(Choose two.)
A. Detail Header information
B. Group Header information
C. Detail Footer information
D. Group Footer information
300-165 vce Answer: B, D

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